Sunday, August 12, 2007

The best and the biggest online file storage

There are hundreds of online services that allow you to store files, just like your hard disk. In most of the services the storage capacity is limited to 100MB, 250MB or at most you can get 1GB. Some provide even as low as 10MB and 20MB. But there are a few services that provide massive amount of storage for free. Here is a list of services that provide in excess of 2GB.

MediaMax: This provides an enormous storage of 25GB, and for free. No other services give this much space.

UpforDown: This comes close to Mediamax with a storage of 20GB. This two services alone can solve most of your storage problems. And there are more to come.

Boxstr: With 10GB of file storage this comes third.

Xdrive: 5GB of space. Enough for most users.

Inbox: Another one with 5GB of space. This service doubles up as an email service along with file storage.

GmailDrive: Who can forget Gmail? Over 2.8GB of file storage and still counting...

BigUpload: Finally comes Bigupload with 2000MB of storage. Not bad.


  1. Mozy. Has a free service, but for me, the $5/mo for unlimited storage (mine currently at 73Gig and counting) is a steal of a deal.

    I've noticed that if I archive a big folder off my laptop's HDD onto an external hard-drive, and then delete the original folder on my laptop, Mozy does not delete those files from my backup set. This is a feature I really like a lot.

    I still have that external HDD (old habits die hard) but at least I don't have to have the redundant/offsite external HDD. That alone saves me way more than the $5/mo fee Mozy charges. The price is right -- any more than that and I might have balked.

  2. Wow!! mozy is cool. $5/month is very reasonable.


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