Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blogger beta undocumented bugs

Though Google has acknowledged the presence of a number of bugs in blogger beta, and has conveniently started a Known Issues for the New Blogger blog to address these issues, yet there are a number of bugs not documented in the blog, which I encounter more frequently and are more annoying then any of those discussed on the blog. Here are some of those bothers.

1. First of all, blogger cannot insert images at the proper position I place the cursor at the position where I want the image to appear and click Add image. After I'm done with the necessary steps I find the image inserted at the very top of the post. I then have to go to Edit html and cut-paste the image code and insert it in the proper place.

2. Blank spaces in the Compose window (blogger's name for the wysiwyg editor, which isn't actually wysiwyg) cannot be deleted. If you have mistakenly hit enter a couple of times while changing paragraphs, you can't delete those extra lines. If you keep hitting the Del key hoping that somehow you might manage to force him to do his job, you might find half of your paragraph gone! So don't attempt that. The best way is to again, go to html edit and delete the extra spaces.

3. The default feed service of blogger is not capable of delivering partial feeds. I had set my feeds as partial but blogger used to send only the titles of the post. Only when I registered a feedburner account for my site and replaced the default feed by the one supplied by feedburner, did I manage to get partial feeds for the posts. This isn't mentioned anywhere in the list of bugs, but I'm sure there is a problem with it.

4. Tables aren't rendered properly. It distorts the table, loses the table formatting and introduces a huge, around 600 pixel high, blank space on top of the table. I created a simple table in Microsoft FrontPage and copied the code between the "table" tags and pasted it on blogger html editor. This is how the actual table looks like in FrontPage.

Now look what blogger did to it. I did not show the huge column of blank space on the top since it would use too much space.

Because of this reason I had to insert an image of a table instead of the table itself in one of my previous post 1 Gigabyte is Not Equal to 1024 Megabytes. Often times I find myself typing directly at the html editor rather than the compose windows. That way I can save myself a lot of troubles.


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