Saturday, August 4, 2007

Magazines for download

Looking for your favourite magazine online? Look no more, for the following site has got hundreds of magazines for you to download, free!! The magazines are organised into the following categories (the figure in parenthesis indicates the number of magazines in the category)

Sports Network Magazine (92)
Network domestic fashion magazines (44)
Foreign fashion magazine (74)
Mount passenger area network magazine (24)
Games category Network Magazine (26)
Passion category Network Magazine (38)
Lifestyle Network Magazine (257)
Computer network magazines (234)
Male beauty media area (19)
Network design magazine category (206)
Financial Management Network Magazine (99)
Other types of online magazine (130)






  1. the links you gave are absolutely useles I keep visiting your blog but such sort of useless posts are painful
    when I went to the site they asked the profession I entered student and I was redirected to a page that said
    we dont have anything for u

  2. I don't know what you are saying. I downloaded 2-3 magazines from the site. The speeds are a bit slow though. But I wasn't redirected to any other site. Try again.


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