Sunday, August 12, 2007

Will this game run on my PC?

How many times have you asked that yourself before buying a new game? Well, System Requirements Lab can answer your question.

System Requirements Lab is a FREE web service that automatically analyzes your computer and discovers if you can run a specific product.

What do you need?

OS - Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Media Center & Vista
Browser - Internet Explorer 4+, Firefox, Netscape 6+

What do you have to do?

From a System Requirements Lab powered web site, simply:
1) Select a product,
2) Give your permission to download an ActiveX or Java browser component and
3) Voila - a quick summary explanation plus a detailed analysis for each listed requirement. Simple, fast and easy.

What do you get?

You not only get an overall summary analyasis for each specific product (can you run a product or not), but also a detailed evaluation of how your computer meets each listed requirement.

Here is a summary graph from System Requirements Lab that shows a consumer that they passed the minimum requirement but not the recommended level. This overall analysis is provided as a quick explanation and to show how far or near your computer is to both minimum and recommended requirements.

The Detailed Analysis section displays each listed requirement and whether your computer passes or fails. And if a specific component fails, System Requirements Lab provides recommendations on how to upgrade your system to meet the listed requirements. In some cases a driver update may be available that may solve a problem.

So if you have a doubt head to System Requirements Lab


  1. Hmm... Nice Review...

    And this screenshot is from your system???

    Then we have same system configuration... :D:D:D

  2. No. Those shots are directly from the website, as well as the review. LOL.

  3. i have a pentium 3 with 128 mb ram and 700mhz processor please tell me which action games i can play?

  4. i have a game named as 'blur' it will run at 3.64Ghz but i have 1.60GHz and i have pentum 3 duo core processor with 1gb ram, will it work?

  5. I have an Atari 1040ST. Will it run StarCraft II smoothly?

  6. it will most defenetly run starcraft 2 :D


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