Thursday, September 20, 2007

nPOP: The smallest yet feature rich email client

When we talk about email clients the first name that comes to mind is Microsoft Outlook Express. Those who aren't satisfied with Outlook are using others like Thunderbird and Eudora. But then there are other email clients as well which work just as good as the big brands and sometimes even better, but nobody knows about them. nPOP is one such name.

nPOP allows you to access e-mail on a POP3 mail server on your Pocket PC or PC. The best thing about this software is that you can decide whether to download the full mail or only the headers. This feature is great since you are in control of the mail client and you decide which mail should be downloaded and which not. If you are not satisfied with only headers you can also download the first few lines of the mail!! The number of lines to download can be specified by you. When you want to read the full mail, just mark the mail and update it to download the entire mail.


Download nPOP. It's less than 1MB and it's free!!
(Note that you need to download additional SSL libraries which are present on the download page)

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  1. Avoid the "nPOP" link. It's the original japanese site. Instead explore the nPOP Support site (as in the "Downloads" link) which covers nPOPuk. This is a much expanded version of nPOP, but still only a couple of hundred kb download!


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