Monday, September 17, 2007

Send anonymous email for free!!

Do you want to send a mail to someone but do not want him or her to track you back? Do you want to play a joke upon your friends? Do you want to send your boss hate mail? This is when you need anonymous emailing services. Anonymous email can actually come a lot handy if you want to:

• anonymously report sensitive information to the media
• send crime tips to law enforcement agencies anonymously
• report wrongdoing or theft at the workplace
• report child or any other abuse
• just have fun :)

Here are some excellent mail services that allow you to send mail anonymously for free without even registering with the service.

1. NeoNemo Anonymous E-Mailer

Now this is nasty. It actually allows you to send email with a fake name and a fake email id.

2. AnonEmail

Those who don't want to fool the receiver but just want to send email without revealing themselves can use this service. It sends all mails from the id

3. Will Self-Destruct

This is right out of the movie Mission Impossible. Apart from being anonymous, you can also set your messages to self destruct itself after a stipulated number of days or views. You can even specify the number of seconds for which the message will be viewable. The message displays a count down timer showing the number of sec left after which the message will self destruct. That's uber cool!!

Ah! mission accomplished!!

Update: More services - Self-Destructing-Email, KickNotes

Disclaimer: Please do not abuse this system to spam others.


  1. Free anonymous email is a myth! Especially if they are located in the US. Think!

    (but play nice)

  3. here is another site that lets you send fake email for fee!

  4. to whoever said free anonymous email sending is a 'myth'..
    what about
    which is just one of the many out there?

    well i just tried anonysend and it works so laters!

  5. to those who say anonymous is free i

  6. 1 and 3 links are not working!!!!

    dead services and page links

  8. I have found a great online based tool for send email anonymously for free without registration. There is: I hope it can be helpful.

  9. To send anonymous email just go to put in the email address, type a message and hit send. Done! And 256 bit ssl encryption as well.


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