Friday, September 21, 2007

Topologilinux: Linux inside windows

Topologilinux is a free linux distribution to be run on top of any dos/windows computer without partitioning your hard disk, and you can also run it inside your windows system. It is very easy to install unlike other Linux distributions. Topologilinux does not need any partitioning. It does not need any virtualisation software.

It will run on your existing windows/dos partition in it's own directory. Topologilinux works on both NTFS and FAT partitions which means that you can run it under all existing Windows or dos systems. It works with Windows Vista too.

Topologilinux has now released version 6.1.0. This new version contains about 6Gb of software like: Kernel, Gnome 2.16.3, Kde 3.5.4, Xorg 6.9.0, Openoffice 2.1, Gcc, Xfce, networking coLinux 0.6.4, 3d games, alsa sound system and many other apps.

topologilinux screenshot

Read instructions carefully before installing. 


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