Monday, September 10, 2007

Windows registry editor replacements

Windows comes with an inbuilt regitry editor by the name of Regedit. Usually Regedit works fine for most people since tinkering around with registry isn't something that everybody does. But for the power users who like playing around with the registry, Regedit is a pretty basic tool that lacks a lot of functionality. This is when you might require a third party registry editor. Fortunately, there are several to choose from. Here are some of the best.

Registry Workshop:

Registry Workshop is an advanced registry editor. Registry Workshop is a perfect replacement for RegEdt32 and RegEdit which shipped with Windows. In addition to all the features that you can find in RegEdit and RegEdt32, Registry Workshop offers many powerful features to enhance registry editing.
·You can cut, copy and paste registry keys and values.
·You can undo and redo modifications making registry editing safer.
·You can search and replace registry keys, values and data quickly and easily. It allows edit
registry files in the same way as editing system registry.
·It also provides easy and flexible functions to manage Favorites.

Registry Commander

Here are some key features of "Registry Commander":

· Supports all 12 data types in the registry, defined in the "winnt.h" header file. Most other registry editors only handles Strings, Binary, DWord & Expanded Strings sometimes even MultiString, that's only 5.
· Copy or Rename/Move entire keys and values from one key to another.
· A history list has been added to quickly jump from current key to a previously key.
· Ability to interpret one value for another, without modifying the data. This would allow you to view a string saved as a binary value.
· Search part of or the entire registry database, not only can you search by a keyword, but you can also search by size or data type.
· Registry Commander allows you to bookmark keys or values so you can access them more quickly.

Registry Explorer

Registry Explorer is a freeware program that is intended to replace regedit. Some key features of "Registry Explorer" are:

· Total integration in Windows Explorer
· Drag and Drop
· Copy and Paste
· Multiple selection for export to file
· Create shortcuts to registry keys
· Add registry keys to your favorites


RegEditX makes your registry editing more productive than ever. It comes with Registry Crawler for lightning fast searches and bookmarks. It lets you Cut, Copy, and Paste keys to and from the Windows clipboard. Many online documents contain references to keys such as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DCSoft\RegEditX. Simply copy this text to the clipboard and paste it into the combo box to instantly navigate to it. RegEditX is good tool for registry editing and it's a freeware.


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