Thursday, October 4, 2007

1 Hour Software: The website of tiny helpers

1 hour software by Skrommel is a software section of the popular Donation Coder website. It contains more than a 100 little softwares that can do every imaginable task you can think of. The softwares are tiny, from 5KB to 205KB. All the softwares are freeware and are written in the AutoHotkey scripting language. It has some really interesting piece of softwares. Here are some of those softwares that I particularly liked.

Barnacle: It allows you to add toolbars to your favorite programs. Some Features:
- A programmable toolbar that fits inside any window!
- Change icons, tooltips, left-, right- and middleclick actions.
- The actions can be keypresses, menu selections, button clicking and window actions.
- To find out more, choose Help in the tray menu.

Removable: Eject removable drives by doubleclicking in a list of drives.
- Place it on your QuickRun toolbar for easy access.
- Show drive letter, volume label, type, free space, available space, filesystem, status and serial number.
- Doubleclick to eject, retract or disconnect a drive.

MoveOut: Make rules to move files automatically.
- Rightclick the tray icon to configure
- Choose Settings to change rules and options
- Choose Enable to Start or Stop all the rules
Use it to make a rule that moves files from the desktop to a subfolder, based on file type, part of a filename, or whatever. Have it ask to replace existing files, or rename them. It can also ignore files.

GoneIn60s: Recover closed applications.
- Click the X or press Alt-F4 to close an application
- To recover, rightclick the tray icon and choose an application
- Doubleclick the tray icon to recover all applications
- If not restored, it is gone in 60 seconds

ZoneSize: Define zones that autosize windows dropped on them.
- Hold a window over a zone for .5 sec to autosize it.
- Doubleclick the tray icon to center the active window.

MoveInactiveWin: Move a window without activating it.
- Alt-Click and drag to move.
- Click anywhere within a window to move it!

DragKing: Automatically copies mouse selections to the clipboard. Reports the number of copied characters, words and lines.
- User defined delimiter settings.
- Doubleclick the tray icon to disable/enable

UrlHistory: Watches the clipboard for web addresses and saves them with a comment.
- Doubleclick the tray icon to add an url manually.

CacheSort: Automatically move files from Internet Explorer's cache into folders based on the files' extensions.
- Very handy for storing movies and other files downloaded from the Internet.
- Can be used to watch other folders.
- Only move files bigger than a given value.
- Run a program when a new file is found.
- Move or copy files.

WinLock: Lock individual windows with a password.
- One password for all windows.
- Only light protection.

By now, you must have got an idea of what type of tools you can find there. These are just a few. Many more are available on the site.


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