Thursday, October 18, 2007

4 services that provide personalized email addresses for free

Usually email addresses are of the type The part after the @ depends on which email service provider you have signed up with. Gmail address will add the domain gmail after the @ while for yahoo it's either or, etc. You can't customise the domain name, unless you buy one. But there are some services that allow you to choose a domain name from several dozens to hundred different names available, for free. Checkout these three cool email services

1. Microsoft India has recently launched this new website that offers unique domain names for email ids. Though this is targeted towards the Indian users and the domain names reflect Indian flavors like names of Indian cities, Indian movie actors and actresses etc, there are a few non-Indian names as well. Just go through the list and take the one which suits you.

2. offers over 250 choices of domain names. Some really clever ones are,,, etc. Probably the best collection of domain names you will ever find. The free service offers an inbox capacity of only 100MB which is a major turn off. But then, many don't even reach that limit. If you don't mind the 100 MB limit, you should try this out.

3. AOL: AOL has also started providing cool domain names to use with your email ids. Not many options are available though, compared to the other two services I mentioned, but it still provides a helpful number of names. One cool feature of this service is the "Bring Your Own Domain". If you already own a domain name then you can use this feature to get an email id that reads All emails addressed to this id will be automatically forwarded to your AOL id.

4. has a collection of 3,600 domain names to choose from. The domains are categorised into several topics like animals, food, business, fashion, technology etc for easier browsing. Even the category list is huge. It comes with a healthy 250MB inbox and hordes of other services. It's a nice alternative to your regular email service.


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