Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beautiful pictures of Meteor Showers

The meteor trails are too faint to be visible in the thumbnails. To enjoy these pictures click on them to enlarge it.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid1 Perseid2

This one shows the Perseid shower from space

Perseid Space

Leonids Meteor Shower

Leonids1 Leonids2

Leonids3 Leonids4

Geminid Meteor Shower


Unknown Meteor Showers

Unknown1 Unknown2

Watch out for the next meteor shower, the Leonids on November 18, and then the Geminids on December 14.


  1. those aren't images of the perseids from space, the meteor trails would not be visible. they need to hit an atmosphere to light up. those are earth based images, it's pretty basic stuff.

  2. Whoa!! Didn't you see the earth in the image? The meteors entered the earth's atmosphere and burnt up, and that spectacle was recorded from high up from space.

    When you view a meteor shower from earth, you look up. You see the meteors with the sky in the background. That image was taken while "looking down" into earth from space. You would still see the meteor but now with the earth in the backround, as visible in the image.

    You think I made up that stuff?


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