Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Game Maker: Create your own games!

Game making is a big business. Every year billions of dollars are invested by various game industries to make games. It is reported that sales of popular video games generate more revenues than the biggest Hollywood blockbuster! That's how popular video games are.

To make a good game you need to be a very good programmer, as well as 3D modeler, designer etc etc. In reality, a game industry employs dozens of people of various disciplines who work simultaneously to create one game. While making a good game is tough, creating smaller ones isn't so. You too can make your own games without any knowledge of programming by using a game making software. Many such softwares are available in the market - Game Maker is one of them, and this one is free.

Game Maker uses an object-oriented drag-and-drop interface for the creation of games, allowing users unfamiliar with programming to intuitively create games by organizing icons visually on the screen. Users select a personally-created object and drop instances of these objects in the area of the game being worked on, and Game Maker automatically applies any global effects to that instance of the object. To extend the drag-and-drop functionality of Game Maker, users can use files called Libraries to add new drag-and-drop items known as Actions to the lists. Game Maker allows the creation of many types of games, including platform games, first-person shooters, third-person shooters, massively multiplayer online games and simulation games.

Game Maker's website has some basic tutorials that will help you familiarize with the interface and the various icons. Several tutorials are available that will teach you how to make 3D games, or first shooter game or platform games etc. There is also a big game making community where you can get more tutorials, get help as well as help others.

So just go ahead, download this tool and start making your own games. Show them to your friends and impress them. 

Game Maker's homepage
Some more game making softwares are available here.


  1. i dont understand the step on how to make a card on your website there is not one thing that ssays how to make a card??????

    please reply back to me


  2. What do you mean by "how to make a card on your website"? If you are stuck on Gamemaker, I suggest you read the tutorials on their site or ask for help in their forums.

  3. I want to make a sword adventure side scrolling game nd have my own sprites just made em is this possible?

  4. I've got the time if anyone has the lessons. im very intrested in creating video games/programming etc. any site suggestions or maybe take daily lessons over skype anybody?. i would Really love that. thanks to whoever replies with a positive answer.

  5. i know c++ to some extent.i am new to game creation.whether i should start with c++ gaming tutorials or game maker.

    please reply

  6. Creating and designing your own games with a programming language will always give you more flexibility, but if you don't have the skills, it might not always result in better games. Also, c++ alone will not be enough, especially if you want your games to contain rich visuals.

    Game maker is for those who have no programming skills.

  7. I have programming and JavaScript skills since I work with my brother.

    I use GameMaker anyway because it makes me feel a bit more free because everyone else that works for my brother are the ones that cause the most impact on the games THEY make.

  8. Everyone take programming lessons before this.


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