Friday, October 5, 2007

Set a webpage as your desktop wallpaper


Do you know that you can display a webpage as your desktop wallpaper? Yes, you can and without using any third party tools. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the desktop and select Properties.
  2. Click on the tab Desktop at the top and then "Customize Desktop" at the bottom.
  3. Now click on the tab Web. Click New and copy the URL of the webpage that you want to set as the wallpaper.

Windows will start downloading the necessary files and once completed, you can maximize the page to cover your whole desktop background or only a part of it. You can schedule Windows to automatically synchronize or update the page. Now consider the various useful things you can do with it. Set Google reader as your desktop so that you have all the RSS feeds right on the desktop. Or if you use personalized home page like that offered by Google or Netvibes then you can set them as your destop. Google calander is another helpful utility that you might like right on your desktop. The possibilities are endless. Just try this out.


  1. nice, but not sure how to get it working in Vista.

    any help appreciated

  2. I'm not sure if this works with Vista, and I don't have Vista to test it either. Sorry. :(

  3. Looks like it DOES not work in Vista: gives "BMP, JPG, JPEG and DIB" can only be used as desktop background image.

    Looks like a reason to call Vista - a GUI downgrade.

  4. Sorry...
    Microsoft changed policy for their windows. Web pages are not included in basic versions of Vista. Windows Vista Ultimate, however, gives some functionality of what you could reach with the windows xp desktop web pages:

    Ultimate Extras:
    Ultimate Extras are small programs developed by Microsoft and only available to Ultimate users. Some of the extras available are Windows DreamScene, BitLocker and EFS enhancements, and the Hold 'Em Poker game. Windows DreamScene allows you to select a video as your desktop background, as opposed to a stationary picture.

  5. doesnt work in windows 7

  6. There is no Web tab (XP Pro, SP3)


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