Sunday, October 7, 2007

Stixy: The online bulletin board

Stixy is a wonderful new innovative website that behaves as an online bulletin board. You can create as many sticky notes you want and drag them to anywhere you want to place them. You can use Stixy to easily organize and share:
  • Your family’s schedule
  • Projects at work
  • An upcoming holiday with your friends
  • Your photos from your last bike trip
  • Or share a file or two with a friend

There is no fixed grid for placing the notes or widgets. You can resize it, move it around, and select from a number of options to design your reminders, photos, notes, and files. You can also share a Stixyboard with friends, family, or your colleagues at work, is as easy as it gets. Sometimes it’s nice or in fact necessary to have an online space for common photos, reminders, files, and so forth. Each Stixyboard has a unique set of members. No one else can see or use your board unless you choose to open your board for public view.

Stixy is still in beta stage and currently supports Internet Explorer 6, 7 and Firefox 1.5 and 2.


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