Monday, November 5, 2007

10 places to find free movies on the Internet

Not all movies are copyrighted. Not all movies are protected under DRM. Not all movies are paid. There do exist something called free movies, that fall under public domain or under the creative commons license. These movies have no string attached. You are free to legally download, view and distribute these movies without breaking the law. Here are 10 websites where you can get some really good movies for free.

1. Movie Archive: This is the largest public domain movie site with over 1,00,000 movies to download. Sections like Animation & Cartoons, Arts & Music, Computers & Technology, Movies, News & Public Affairs, and many more are available where you can browse for movies. If you haven't visited this site before, you are missing something.

2. Public Domain Torrents: This is a torrent site dedicated to public domain movies. From your favorite Charlie Chaplin movies to Superman cartoons, all sorts of movies are available here. For a change, now you could download a torrent without having to feel guilty.

3. Free Movies Entertainment Magazine: Another helpful site where you can find lots of free movies. The free movie catalog includes a collection of nearly 200 classic comedies, dramas, cartoons and dozens of video clips and movie trailers. New titles are added weekly.

4. Movies Found Online: This site is an index of free movies found on various websites like Google video, Youtube etc. Apart from public domain movies this site also enlist TV shows, documentaries, cartoons etc.

5. LikeTelevision: A very good website with completely different sets of free movies not available on other sites. This is because of their terms & condition which prevents others from distributing the movies available on their site. The movies are free to download though, but only for personal or educational purposes.

6. NFB: This is the official website of National Film of Canada. A lot of short movies are available here for free. The movies are categorised into animation, documentary and educational. The most recommended being the animation section with over 70 amazing animated short films. If you love animation, don't miss this.

7. Public Domain Comedy: No need of description. This site has all the comedy movies found in public domain. If you want to have some laugh head over to PDComedy.

8. PublicDomainFlicks: PublicDomainFlicks is another site where you can download public domain movies. The site is frequently updated with lots of new movies.

9. NiceShorts: This website has a very good collection of short award winning films. Movies of all genres like Action, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror etc are available. Another must visit website.

10. This site has lots of public domain movies and short videos. There are several other categories like history, military videos, funny etc with more movies and videos. Besides, it has links to several hundred other video websites!

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  1. there's a good site that lists places to get free tv and i think a lot of them are legit and legal


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