Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Defragment your hard disk on-the-fly

There are plenty of hard disk defragmenters available that all does the same think - defragment the hard disk (of course, duh!) But all of them are on-demand defragmenters, meaning that you have to manually launch them and start the defragmenting process. It's similar to an on-demand virus scanner. An on demand virus scanner does not continuously monitor your files for viruses. A virus can get into your system and remain on your hard disk until you start the virus scanner and start scanning for viruses. The resident program type virus scanner (the usual type), on the other hand, continuously monitors and scans your files for viruses whenever you access them. These type of anti virus programs are more efficient because it enables them to catch viruses the moment it enters the computer system and before any damage can be done. The hard disk defragmenter I'm going to present today is similar to the resident program virus scanner. It runs in the background and continuously monitors the files on your hard disk. Whenever it detects fragmentation, it defragments the file keeping your hard disk completely defragmented at all times.

Buzzsaw-S is the program I'm talking about. This program continuously keeps hard drives defragmented with “on-the-fly” defragmentation. It monitors the drive and detects when fragmentation occurs. Once fragmentation occurs, the program automatically corrects the fragmentation. It waits until the CPU usage is minimal before performing the defragmentation.

Initial configuration of Buzzsaw-S is done from a user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface). After the initial configuration, defragmentation is automatic and no action is necessary by the user. Buzzsaw-S will be automatically started after rebooting of the computer.

This program runs as a Windows Service. All user accounts on a computer can be given access to this program. Admin rights are only required during installation.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows2000 and Windows XP.

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  1. What's the RAM usage for this tool?Hope it wont slow down the system.

  2. Not much RAM usage. The background service consumes just about 20~30 MB.


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