Sunday, November 11, 2007

How to extract images and audio from SWF files

A lot of multimedia content on the Internet is in the form of flash files or SWF files. Animation, either interactive or non-interactive, games and small movies and clips are available on the net as SWF files. Often, we comes across pretty images or graphics in them or like their background music. I will show how you can extract those images and audio files from within the SWF files.

I'm going to use a software called Flash Digger. Flash Digger gives more control to you than any other SWF extracting software. You can open the SWF file and view it's content, layout, fonts etc without extracting it. You can extract only those files that you want. Flash Digger even allows you to create new SWF files or modify existing files. Some of the things that you can do with Flash Digger are:

# Extract graphics from SWF with preview. Graphics can be saved in JPEG, PNG (transparency enabled) and BMP format.
# Extract sound from SWF and save it in WAV and MP3 format (i.e. in the same format as they are stored inside SWF file).
# Update or remove any graphics (images), text, sounds and scripts used in the movie.
# Import and export graphics, shapes, buttons and scripts and place them into the same or another SWF movie.
# Update a hyperlink, associated with a button object.
# Convert SWF to EXE format. Resulting EXE file can be launched on any computer even without Macromedia Flash ActiveX installed. Advanced features like full screen playback and EXE file customization are included.
# ActionScript Obfuscator embedded tool lets you make scripts to be hardly readable after decompilation. It is very useful to make hacker's life to be much harder. This tool also lets you easily find all function and variable names, text constants and clip names, used in all scripts within your SWF movie.
# ActionScript Protector embedded tool lets you protect scripts from decompilation using existing famous SWF decompilers. It is just a one-way processor, so even FlashDigger can't help you "unprotect" a protected script. This feature is really useful for commercial Flash projects.

All these without Adobe Flash! Flash Digger isn't free, but the demo version has all the features you need to extract and modify files. Only some advanced features like working with action script are disabled in the trial version. Besides, the trial version is not time limited, which is as good as free if you don't plan to use the advanced features.

Flash Digger homepage

Alternative software: Flash Decompiler


  1. I got a bunch of malware from downloading it. Thanks a lot.

  2. Free Alternative:

  3. use a virtual machine if you don't know if there's a virus on it, dumbass... Also, thanks for the info man.
    I found this flash on newgrounds with some pretty cool
    music on it, which i can now play on my ipod (

  4. I thought EVERYONE knew that a free download of ANY SOFTWARE (especially for ripping & other "frowned upon" activities..) will always include some sort of malware..

  5. "I found this flash on newgrounds with some pretty cool
    music on it, which i can now play on my ipod ("
    OMG u so dumb xD,u can dl that song from ling below flash :D

  6. Worked for me (did extracted the music I wanted), and haven't encounter malware yet.


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