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Special Offer - 8 full commercial softwares for free

Softwares cost money. We all like to use big softwares, but since they come with a high price tag we tend resort to pirated or cracked copies of the software, which is too bad. So when software publishers give away full commercial softwares for free, as a part of their promotional campaign, we shouldn't miss it. It gives us a chance to own paid softwares for free legitimately. Today I'm going to bring you 8 such softwares that are given away free for a limited time period. These aren't some useless or worthless softwares that nobody uses, rather they are some of the finest softwares that you could find. So get them before the offer expires.

1. Sun StarOffice 7

If you're an existing Microsoft Office user, StarOffice 7 ships with good compatibility with existing Office files. StarOffice can import Word .DOC, Excel .XLS and PowerPoint .PPT files into its own word processor, spreadsheet and presentation packages. And there's support for reading all kinds of other document and graphics formats, too: dBase (dBF), SYLK (slk), Lotus 1-2-3 (wks), AutoCAD (DXF), MathML (mml) are just some of the more unexpected examples.

The suite also includes a simple HTML editor and drawing program. And there's a database component within most applications, which lets you (for example) connect to a data source, then build queries to populate a spreadsheet. Plenty of features, then, but strong integration makes the program particularly easy to use. Click File > New in the spreadsheet, say, and you can create a text or HTML document, graphic or presentation, without having to open another application.

Working with individual documents is very straightforward. If you're used to Office, then you'll feel at home right away, as the menu structures are quite similar. Applications like the StarOffice Spreadsheet provide all the functions and formulae you need, so you'll be quickly producing useful documents with just a few minutes of exploration.

And the benefits don't stop there. When you've finished work, StarOffice lets you save any document in Adobe's PDF format, something Microsoft Office still can't manage without help. And graphics or presentations can alternatively be exported as Macromedia Flash (SWF) files, very useful if you need to develop web animations, and a feature that could justify installing StarOffice all on its own.

Price: £60
For you: Free

Download and registration link here.
There is a ‘time limited demo’ reference on this page, but just ignore it and register to get your key.

2. O&O SafeErase V1.0

O&O SafeErase V1.0 is THE solution for the secure deletion of sensitive data from your hard disk and offers you the ultimate protection of your private sphere. With O&O SafeErase, even hackers and data spies cannot restore your safely erased files. O&O SafeErase does not simply delete your files; it annihilates them using approved and recommended methods. If Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP is your operating system, you can now prevent unauthorized access to your supposedly deleted data and files.

Price: USD 29.95
For you: Free

Download and registration link here.

3. Backup4All 3.3 Lite

After equipping your PC with a firewall, antivirus tool, spam blocker and spyware detector, you might think your most valuable files are safe. But that's not the case. In fact there's one very important source of danger that you've not considered at all: yourself. Your data is far more likely to be trashed by simple operator error than a malicious virus, which is why running regular backups is a vital part of any security regime. And Backup4all is the ideal tool to help.

If you typically find backups a hassle, for instance, then you'll appreciate the program's well-designed Backup Wizard. A good choice of default settings means you can configure a complete backup in just a minute or two, with a few mouse clicks, then save that backup job for instant recall later.

If you prefer to take a more hands-on approach, though, Backup4all still has plenty to offer. You can choose to back up only new or modified files, for instance, or remove deleted files from the backup location. Then there are also powerful Include and Exclude filters, quickly modifying your initial folder selections to ensure the program only backs up the files you need. And you can tweak plenty of other details, from deciding how the program determines files have changed, to setting the Backup execution priority.

It's easy to create multiple backup jobs, too, and there are small examples bundled with the program to save your IE Favourites, or contents of the My Documents and My Pictures folders. And all jobs will benefit from Backup4all's ability to save even locked or "in use" files, if you're using Windows 2000/XP and an NTFS partition, ensuring a complete backup every time.

Price: £15
For you: Free

Download and registration link here.
There is a ‘time limited demo’ reference on this page, but just ignore it and register to get your key.

4. East-Tec Eraser 2006 Lite

Removing confidential files from your PC can be difficult, especially if you're relying on Windows alone. Delete the file and it goes to the Recycle bin; empty that and it's accessible by Undelete tools, and fragments of the file may be visible for a considerable time.

East-Tec Eraser Lite offers a simple solution, though: just drag and drop whatever files and folders you want to delete onto the program screen, click the Erase button, and it overwrites the contents for you. The program even scrambles the name, date and size of your wiped files and folders, so intruders have no information at all about their possible contents.

Many secure deletion programs stop there, but East-Tec realised that there may be clues about your activities elsewhere on the PC. The "My Recent Documents " list will list files you've been working on, for instance, and there might be remnants of them visible in the Temporary Files folder, or your paging file. Then there are Windows application logs to consider, your browser cookies and history, the "recent programs" list on your Start menu, and a whole lot more.

Price: £10
For you: Free

Download link here.
Ignore the 'time limited demo' reference on this page. This software is the full Lite edition and won't need a serial code.

5. Ashampoo Photo Commander 4

It's hard to get excited by most media organisers. Explorer-like interface? Thumbnail previews? Simple slideshows? We've seen it all before. Ashampoo have realised this, though, which is probably why Photo Commander 4 is packed with useful functionality that goes far beyond anything most of the competition can offer, perhaps making it one of the best media file organisers around.

Not only can Photo Commander convert a batch of images from one format to another, say, but it also lets you resize them, add a watermark, correct brightness, contrast or gamma, change colour depth, rotate, mirror or flip them, add special effects, and more. All in a single operation, from one dialogue box, potentially saving you hours of work.

As you might expect from that list, there's also a competent image editor. It's not going to replace Photoshop any time soon, but there are enough handy features, colour adjustments and corrections (like a red-eye remover) to make it genuinely useful.

There's also a handy JPEG optimisation and cleaning tool, which can shrink your images by optimising encoding, removing EXIF data and so on. The program can create a slideshow, then display it locally, or burn it to CD to share with others. Then there are fancy print options, a handy screen capture tool, a module that produces thumbnail Photo Albums for the web, and much more.

Don't think the name means Photo Commander 4 is restricted to digital images, either. It's just as happy to manage and play video files. There's support for all the main audio file formats, too (mp3, wma, ogg, wav), and you can build and save playlists in MFA or M3U formats in a few clicks.

Price: £25
For you: Free

Download link and registration instructions here

6. Paragon CD-ROM Emulator 3

Is your PC surrounded by piles of loose CDs and DVDs? Paragon CD-ROM Emulator may help reduce the clutter.

In just a couple of mouse clicks the Emulator Manager can add a virtual CD drive to your PC. Use the Grab Wizard to make an image of virtually any CD or DVD, and drag and drop that image onto your virtual drive. Now point any game, media player or other application at the new drive, and it will work as normal. Meanwhile the real disc can go back in its box and be put away somewhere, safe from scratches or accidental damage.

There's more to the CD-ROM Emulator than convenience, though. It'll boost the performance of applications that frequently access a CD or DVD, because hard drives are much faster. And laptop owners will benefit as they won't have to carry their discs around, while less use of an optical drive should mean longer battery life.

Paragon CD-ROM Emulator even comes with a range of handy CD and DVD burning tools. The Construct Wizard creates a valid ISO image from selected files, as though they'd been grabbed from a real CD or DVD; the Burn Wizard burns images to disc, while the Erase Wizard clears data from rewritable CDs or DVDs.

Price: £16
For you: Free

Download link here
Ignore the ‘time limited demo’ reference on this page. This is the full commercial download and does not require further registration.

7. Genie Backup Manager 7 Lite

Backups can be fun. Okay, no, we made that up: backing up your PC will always be dull, that's just one of the fundamentals of computing. Install Genie Backup Manager and you can at least get the whole process completed at the fastest possible speed, though. And there are a few surprising touches along the way.

Take the way you define a backup job, for instance. The Genie Backup Manager wizard provides sensible default options for everything, so you don't even have to type a backup name: just keep clicking Next and that's usually enough.

Selecting exactly what to back up is straightforward, too. Genie Backup Manager displays a tree of common features that you might want to save, like your Outlook or Outlook Express mailboxes and settings, your favourites, contacts, the Registry and more. Just check a box and they'll be added to the backup job.

The program makes it just as easy to save the contents of the My Photos or My Music folders. And Genie Backup Manager can also scan your folders for other images, audio or video files, letting you add the whole lot with another click. (Of course if this isn't enough then you can also specify individual files and folders to be backed up.)

There's a good choice of backup types, too: normal, incremental, mirror and differential. Your backup files can be compressed to save time, password-protected with up to 256-bit AES encryption, and be made self-restorable (executable files that restore their own data whether Genie Backup Manager is installed or not). The backup may be saved locally, to a network drive or using Genies own subscription-based online service, and a scheduler ensures your job runs automatically once it's been set up.

Price: £10
For you: Free

Download link here

8. OrgPlus 7 SBE

In theory you can produce organisational charts with Microsoft Office, or most decent flowcharting tools. But in practice you'll get much better results from a specialist utility like OrgPlus 7, which is crammed with clever features that you simply won't find anywhere else.

Create a new chart and you get to choose from 37 different templates, for instance, each one with its own mix of box styles, colours and backgrounds. These aren't just a few boxes in red, or the same set in blue, either. There are really attractive designs like Brushed Metal or Dark Quartz, with colour-coordinated boxes that will immediately give your graph a visual head start.

Don't expect to be wasting time drawing boxes or connecting lines, either. In OrgPlus adding a box to the left, right, above or below you takes just a single click. And moving a section of the chart is as easy as drag and drop, then watching as OrgPlus reformats everything for you.

Entering text into your chart is fast, too: type a name, press [Tab], enter a title, then press [Tab] to move to the next box. Repeat the process and you'll be done in minutes. Although if you'd like to add more detail, then it's easy images, other text or numeric fields, almost anything you like. And when you're ready to share your work with colleagues, click File > Save As to export the results as an HTML, XML or Image file (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and several other formats are supported).

Price: £25
For you: Free

Download link here
To obtain your serial code, launch the program and click Register Now > Next.

More programs were available, but the offers expired. Make sure you get these ones before the publishers decides to end it.

In case you don't know Giveaway of the Day gives away one full commercial software for free each day. The offer remains available for only 24 hours during which you have to download and install the program. There is also a games section. Don't miss that.


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