Saturday, December 8, 2007

3 websites to convert any files you want

Ever wanted to convert a document to some other format; a JPEG image to GIF, an MPEG to DivX? There are several websites that allow online conversion, but all of them support only a few file formats. For instance, there are PDF conversion websites, image conversion sites and video conversion sites. But the 3 websites that I'm going to bring you today supports almost all the formats you have ever heard of. Now there is no need to go to different websites for converting different file types. Just visit any one of these.

Media-Convert is the grand daddy of all file conversion websites. It supports a wide range of formats (about 170) from images to text to videos to database file formats. Media-Convert supports monophonic and polyphonic ringtone formats of almost all major cell phone manufacturing companies. Media-Convert even allows joining and splitting of video and audio files! The maximum file size is 150 MB

YouconvertIt is another pretty useful sites with a simple straight forward interface. Upload up to 5 files and the converted file will be sent to your email. It supports around 150 different formats.

Zamzar is another file conversion site that lets you convert pretty much everything. One useful feature of Zamzar is that it lets you convert videos directly from YouTube. Just give the URL and it will do the conversion.


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