Sunday, December 30, 2007

30 popular blog directories to submit your blog to

So, you own a blog. Now how do you make your blog visible to others? For that you have to submit your blog to the blog directories. Submitting your blog to blog directories is one of the first step of promoting your blog. There are hundreds of blog directories on the internet. Submitting to each one of these is literally impossible and also unnecessary as most of them aren't popular. To help you select the best blog directories, I have compiled a list of some of the best directories I have found so far. Some of the blog directories need you to register before submitting your blog while some others are free. Here are some of the most popular blog directories.

1. Technorati
 Technorati indexes more than 94 million blogs, as of August 2007. Register at this site to submit your blog. Ranking is based on the number of blogs that links to your blog. The higher the number of linking sites or blogs, the higher is your rank.

2. Blogroll
Ranking is based on amount of traffic your blog receives

3. BlogVillage
This one is a bit odd. Ranking is based on how many visitors from your blog has visited Blog Village. If you can drive more traffic from your blog to this directory, higher will be your rank

4. Blogflux
A popular blog directory with over 92,000 blogs indexed. No registration is required to submit here

5. TopBlogSites
Ranking is based on votes. At the end of each month the rankings are reset back to zero to allow potentially popular or new blogs that have only been included later in the month an equal chance to get on top of the list.

6. 5 StarBlogs
A big directory. Registration is required to submit your blog, after which there would be a review to see whether your blog can be accepted.

7. Blog Search
Blog search is a blog search engine cum blog directory.

8. Blogarama
A big directory with over 68,000 indexed blogs.

9. BlogCatalog
A very popular directory with over 70,000 unique visitors ecah day. Ranking is based on site traffic.

10. BlogElites
Ranking is based on number of unique visitors. Another very popular directory.

11. Bloggernity
Registration is required to submit blogs. Fairly large number of blogs registered.

12. Bloggernow
Another big directory. The ranking is a bit odd, because several blogs with greater hits are further down the list than some other blogs with lesser hits.

13. FuelMyBlog
Receive votes from fellow bloggers to push up your blogs rank.

14. GlobeofBlogs
A directory of maore than 61,000 blogs. A good place to submit your blog.

15. Mybloggingarea
This directory ranks your blog according to the number of unique visitors. The list of blogs is the first thing you see when you open this directory, so having a good ranking will surely drive traffic to your site from this place. You can submit your RSS link to this directory and every new post you make on your blog will show up here.

16. BlogUniverse
Blog Universe is a good place to submit your video blogs and podcast. Blog Universe accepts blogs of other categories too.

17. Bloggertalk
This is a very good blog directory. Apart from a directory it has lots of resources for bloggers such as blogging tools, articles, softwares, free graphics and photos to use in your blog etc. Even if you don't submit your blog here, this is good place to visit.

18. Bloggingfusion
This is a nice little directory. Not many visitors and blogs as of now, but then, having fewer blogs means greater chance of topping the blog list.

19. Bloghop
A directory of more than 30,000 blogs. You have to sign up to submit your blog and then your blog will be reviewed before it shows up in the directory.

20. Bloghub
Another big directory with more than 70,000 blogs.

21. Blogion
A small directory but with clean looks, no clutter. I'm not sure how the blogs are ranked but it seems like there is a voting system.

22. Blogs Collection
A big directory with fairly good number of visitors. Submitting your blog here will definitely benefit your blog.

23. Blogtoplist
A popular blog directory with over 26,000 blogs. Ranking is based on number of unique visitors as well as votes.

24. Getblogs
Get Blogs has over 11,000 blogs and an Alexa ranking which isn't too bad. Check out this directory.

25. Topblogarea
Quite a popular directory. Ranking is based on number of unique visitors to your blog.

26. Topblogging
Another popular directory. Again ranking is based on number of unique visitors to your blog.

27. Topbloglist
This directory gets a fairly large number of visitors. Submitting your blog requires registration. Ranking is based on number of unique visitors to your blog.

28. Bloglisting
A fairly big directory with a lrage number of submissions. This directory also displays the Page Rank of the directory.

29. Blogexplosion
A large directory with over 60,000 blogs in it. Blogexplosion has additional features like blog review by other members, various contests and even renting your blogspace to other members!

30. Bloggapedia
Bloggapedia has a nice homepage giving easy access to the most popular blogs in the directory. Ranking here is based on votes.


  1. Thanks for the list, I am happy to see it, I have now submitted to some of the directories which I didn't find earlier

  2. Hi,

    You can submit your blog in and create your corner in the blogs world as well. It is free dofollow blogs directory.

    Thank you.


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