Monday, December 17, 2007

5 Opera tricks you did not know about

If you are new Opera user, you probably don't know any of these. If you are an old Opera user, you still might not know all of these. Find out how much you know.

1. File browser: Do you know that Opera comes with a basic file browser, a Windows explorer? Type C: in the address bar of Opera and you can see the contents of your C drive. You can browse and open any file; txt files are opened within the browser itself. If you are paranoid about safety, you will be better off using Opera as your explorer. It asks for your permission every time you open a file that launches an external program :)

opera screenshot

2. Block flash with Ad Block: The ad block that come with Opera has the ability to block more than just the ads. You can block certain flash, movies, sounds and other files embedded in a web page. Web pages contain flash movies either in the SWF format or in FLV format. Again, these movies can be streaming where it's played directly on your browser or it can be downloaded completely into your browser's cache and played from there. With Opera ad block you can block the latter. Just add these lines to the filter list


Similarly, you can block movies by adding this

3. Customize the look of the webpage: In one of my earlier post I wrote how some web designing tricks can be the most annoying to the readers. Well, there is a solution to bad designs. If you do not like the look of the page, then change it! This awesome feature is available under View>Style menu. Now let's see what you can do with it:

Hide non-linking images: There are some web sites that has too many unnecessary images. If you don't want to see the images you can turn off only those images that serve no useful purpose and retain those that contain a hyperlink. This way you can avoid loading images that are of no use and only cause distraction while load the important ones containing links to others pages.

High contrast (B/W) and (W/B): Ever come across a page that uses such horrible colors that the text is barely readable? Like, gray text on black background. You can change the contrast of the text and the background by switching to these two views. High contrast (B/W) will lighten the background color and darken the text so that you don't have squint at the monitor to read. Similarly, High contrast (W/B) will change the background dark and the text white.

There are some other viewing styles available. Explore all of them.

4. Cycle through open tabs: This is one cool shortcut that I discovered accidentally. Hold down the right mouse button and roll the mouse wheel. You can cycle through the open tabs by rolling the wheel. Highlight the tab you want to open and release the mouse button to open the tab.

opera tabs screenshot

5. Make slide shows with Opera: Using Opera you can create your presentation right inside your browser. Though not as powerful and feature rich as dedicated presentation softwares like PowerPoint, yet it does create decent looking presentation which you can easily use it in your seminars. Opera uses CSS to create the slides. Read about Opera Show - there is a whole tutorial and an online show generator to help you make your slides.

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  1. Wandering electronsDecember 18, 2007 at 4:49 PM

    Hey woah! I didn't know about the File browser, cool!
    As for right-click+scroll wheel for changing tabs, I'll just add that you can also scroll through the tabs without seeing the list. Go to Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Tabs and choose "Cycle without showing list" in the top-most drop-down list.

  2. Yes, the preference section has lots of settings to play around. :)

  3. Great tips! Thanks!


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