Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Enhance Microsoft Word with WordToys

From SoftPedia:
The WordToys Personal Edition is a Microsoft Word add-in that gives you dozens of FREE utilities that make Word easier to use and more fun to work with. No registration required!

Create your own Favorite Fonts, Favorite Symbols, and Favorite Bullets menus.

Use the Navigation Bar to know exactly which documents are open, and switch between them in a second. Jump to anything you can think of. Insert any accented character with one key-click.

Open any document you've used in the past, even months ago. Send your document to any printer you're connected to. One-click Fax and one-click PDF.

Create a backup of your document each time you save it. Copy, move, rename, clone, or delete your document. Shrink or expand your document so it has the number of pages you need.

Add your own Explorer icons to the folders that are important to you. Select even the parts your mouse can't reach. Copy and paste a dozen different formats. Adjust formatting to fit text within a certain space. Number paragraphs in more than 50 formats.

An improved thesaurus shows all meanings of the selected word, and all synonyms for each meaning. Sort paragraphs in any order.

Auto-add selected words as a keywords to your document. Create bookmarks without thinking about their name. Select the windows you want to display together, and choose the layout that suits you. Leave a message on your screen while you're away from your computer.

Create your own document types, each with their own icon. Eliminate metadata to protect your privacy. Create timed backups of all open documents, in any local or network folder. Insert any field, run any field command from a menu.

The program gives you a 30 day trial of the Professional Edition after which it will switch to the limited edition. For just $20 you can upgrade to the WordToys Professional Edition, with dozens more features for Power Users. Create a menu of Favorite Print Jobs and Favorite Styles. Create Workspaces of related documents, and open them all together. Switch identities.

Here are some key features of "WordToys":

· Navigate between your documents with ease
· Run any print job with just one click
· Open any document you've used in the past
· Open multiple documents at the same time
· Run up to 20 document commands at once
· Get rid of dangerous and embarrassing metadata
· Switch between multiple identities
· Never lose a document
· Type accented characters with one key click
· Create menus of the Fonts and Styles you really use
· Never display Word's Symbol dialog box again!
· Copy/Paste a dozen formats, adjust formatting to fit the space
· Create Word docs other than .doc, add icons to your favorite folders
· Find better words, create error-free documents
· Jump to anything, and select the parts your mouse can't reach
· Cut and Copy anything, Paste in any format, and get a better Spike
· Number paragraphs in 50 formats, and sort them in any order
· Organize all your view settings, and save them for later use
· Put text between typographical characters.

If you use Word frequently, this is a must have tool



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