Friday, January 4, 2008

200+ addons for nLite


Have you heard about nLite? No? Ok, then here is a quick review:

nLite is a superb software that enables you to integrate drivers, softwares and hotfixes into your Windows installation CD. It allows you to customize the CD, enable or disable services, create user accounts and all customization that is normally done after installing Windows. You can thus create a complete unattended Windows installation CD. Launch the installation and forget about it. When it's over, your computer is ready to use, much like the Linux distros.

The official nLite website already contains a handful of important softwares to integrate into your CD. The nLite Addons blog contains an amazing collection of over 200 different softwares and applications ready to download and add to the CD. If you want to create such a CD then bookmark this site.

Addons for nLite
nLite homepage


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