Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Create a custom sign and display on your blog, profile or forum

You must have seen in some blogs and forum signatures a sign which displays your IP address, your operating system and other information. Do you want to create your own custom sign? Then use the free online Danasoft graphic generator.

The Danasoft graphic generator is something you can add to your MySpace profile, blog, forum posts, or your website. You can customize the graphic with your own messages. When people see the sign, they will see all sorts of spooky information about them, like their IP address, operating system (Windows, Mac), web browser type, along with your customized message at the bottom, published right on your profile, blog, or website.

The cool thing about this graphic is that when people see it, they think their private information (like their city or IP address) is being publicly shown on your Myspace profile, blog, or forum, and they think that other people can see their private info! Their first thought is, "hey, how did my IP address get on this website?!", or "why is this website telling people where are live?!" In reality, they are the only one that can see their private info, because the graphic is created in real-time for each person who sees is. When you see the graphic, you will see your IP. When others see the graphic, they will see their IP.

There are 6 different signs to choose from. You can also customize the graphic and add any sayings you want, like: "You are being tracked!", or "I am watching you." and scare the hell out of people!

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  1. tell me hw to add this into the blog html coding>


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