Saturday, January 19, 2008

JargonFish - the new in-text content and advertising widget

JargonFish is a widget that combines in-text search along with advertising that can be used by website publishers and bloggers on their sites. JargonFish has a different concept. Unlike most advertising programs where a widget displays only ads, JargonFish displays helpful information from Wikipedia, YouTube, Technorati etc along with the ads.

The JargonFish application highlights keywords that you select on the pages of your website. When visitors click on those highlighted keywords, a small JargonFish window is launched providing the visitor with a variety of helpful resources related to that keyword from Yahoo Search, Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr, Technorati, Ebay, Amazon as well as your own custom tools. The window also contains a small ad which is priced on a cpm basis, so you get paid every time a visitor launches the JargonFish window and views an ad. The JargonFish window thus enhances the overall user experience by providing a one-click access to a wide range of resources on the net, and at the same time generate advertising revenue for you.

The most welcome feature of this application is that the window pops up only when a visitor clicks on the highlighted words. So it doesn't annoy the visitors by popping up a window whenever the mouse hovers over these keywords. Even the ad displaying feature of JargonFish is optional. You can turn-off the ads in your widget if you don't want to use it to monetize your site. In that case, the widget will only display related information from sites that you choose like Wikipedia, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay and many others or even some of your own websites. This is a great way to cross reference related contents among different websites that you may own. If you choose to display ads on the widget then it will display a 234x60 banner at the bottom of the window. However, their payout is rather high at $200.

A JargonFish window

JargonFish's widgets are fully customizable. It provides you with a large number of design features. You can change the design of the window, it's colors and add your own logos to it. You can adjust the size of the window and also limit the maximum number of keywords that will be highlighted in each page.

JargonFish is free to sign-up. If you are looking for those extra goodies to add to your site, then you should try JargonFish.

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