Friday, January 25, 2008

Product review: Backup Platinum 3.0

Backing up files is one of those tasks that is neglected the most. We either keep it off or simply forget about until it's too late for us. I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to backing up of data. So today I decided that it was about time to backup some of my important files.

I found a software called Backup Platinum. At a price of $67 per license it's certainly a bit expensive than most softwares of this category. Anyway, I downloaded a 30 days trial version of the software. At the size of 2.3 MB, the download was quick.

At first startup, I was greeted by a message that let me know that the trial version had full functionality for 30 days. That's nice. The program immediately launched the wizard which is very smart because it allowed me to get going without having to read the help files. The wizard gave me two choices - create backup or synchronize data between two different computers. The backup section gives you some handy options; you can choose what to backup. You can backup folders, files, registry, windows settings, the address book, MS Outlook and Outlook Express mails and some other applications. You can even choose to backup the entire registry or only particular registry hives, keys and subkeys, which is a handy feature in my opinion. One odd thing that I noticed here is that all the backup options available are for inbuilt Windows application except one solitary non-Microsoft application and that is ICQ. I wonder what happened to the more popular applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, Opera etc.

The backups can be made either locally or over LAN, to an FTP server or directly to a CD or DVD. The backup can be spanned across multiple DVDs or CDs if it's too big to fit in one disk. The program allows you to zip the files before backing up and even encrypt and password protect it, if you choose to. Backup Platinum supports scheduling like most backup solutions so that you don't have to worry about making backups yourself. The program also has a one click restore button. You can even create self restorable executable files which is a very useful feature.

Another notable feature is that the application can be run as a Windows service. The benefit of running the program as a service is that it will run independent of the current user logged in. It will continue to process and backup your files as scheduled, even if somebody else is logged in to your computer.

The program interface is very clean with all necessary buttons on display on the toolbar. The menus are uncluttered. Behind this clean interface and fewer buttons however runs a very powerful backup solution. I must confess that I was a bit skeptical when I launched this program, but after trying it out I don't think I can point out anything bad about it. You should give Backup Platinum a try. The trial version won't cost you a dime and you can use it for a full 30 days.
Download Backup Platinum Trial

The Good:
Backup Platinum has good features, very easy to use and provides you a hassle free way to backup your data.

The Bad:
It's a bit pricy. A few more applications to backup could have been added to the list.

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