Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Subscribe to your favorite magazines at $1~$2 per issue (and less)

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this. Magazine subscription at as low as $10 per year and some even lower. No, these are not electronic version of the magazines but the original paperbound edition. This has to be godsend.

Magazine Discount Center is the site I'm talking about. They have over 1800 different magazines spread over two dozen categories - Arts & Crafts, Computers & Internet, Fashion and Beauty, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, News & Political, Sports .... you name it. And their rates are amazing - up to 83% discount. They even have a 3 months money-back policy. After three months, if you no longer wish to receive a magazine you can cancel your subscription and get back the money for the remaining issues. They also accept orders over phone.

Let's see some of the popular magazines they have got and their ultra low rates

Entertainment magazines like Globe (56 issues $65), Rolling Stone (26 issues $14.95)
Men's magazines like ESPN the Magazine (26 issues $14.97), Men's Health (10 issues $24.94), Maxim (12 issues $14.97), Playboy (12 issues $15.96), Sports Illustrated (56 issues $38.95)
Women's' magazines like Marie Claire (12 issues $12) , Good Housekeeping (12 issues $10), Ladies Home Journal (12 issues $12), Cosmopolitan (12 issues $18)
Health magazines like Fitness (12 issues $13.97) and Health (10 issues $15.97)
The popular technology magazine Wired at $12 for 12 issues
National Geographic at $19.95 for 10 issues

Ever seen such low prices before? I haven't.


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