Thursday, January 10, 2008

Upload images to multiple host at once

A free tool called Shup makes it possible to upload files to multiple image sharing websites at once. It also comes with an image editing and other collaboration tools. With it, you can quickly share your screenshots, images, and other files by turning them into web links.

The main features of Shup are:

Multi-host Uploading
Shup is great for uploading all kinds of files, especially when combined with the included (and optional) Windows shell extension/plugin. With it, you can upload with Shup by right-clicking a file in Explorer! Not only can Shup upload many kinds of files, it can also upload to many different hosts:

Waffle Images

You can also create custom site profiles and upload to your own web server; we even provide a sample PHP script to get you started.

Screenshot Capture
You can use Shup's system-wide (global) hotkeys to capture your desktop or a specific window into the image editor for manipulation and/or upload. The hotkeys are customizable and optional, even, for those who like to live outside the box.

Built-in Image Editor
As a Shup user, most of your time will likely be spent in the image editor, as it is designed to make creating/editing and uploading images as easy as possible. The image editor provides a paintbrush and a highlighter pen for drawing, as well as a rectangle tool for flood filling and cropping your images. And it supports unlimited levels of undo, so you can roll back changes if you like. You can also upload your image as many times as you want, directly from the editor (known as checkpointing around Shup HQ).

Upload History
Shup keeps track of all your uploads in a searchable database, as well as a local archive of uploaded images (optional). The history window displays information such as the local filename and URL of the uploaded file.

Download Shup

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    You can upload music, video, photos, images, files, pdf, zip... to 12 Hots with only one click in seconds.
    Works well. Recommended.

  2. And another one is
    Very simple to use, 1GB, 8 hosts


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