Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Access Google services on your mobile with Google2GO!

Google2GO! is a mobile application for Google services, similar to Yahoo!Go. It gives access to all Google mobile services including:

# Google Web/Image Search
# Google Local Search
# Gmail
# Google Calendar
# Google Reader
# Google Docs
# Picasa
# Google News
# Google Notes

Apart from Google services, some other services are also accessible using this application like:

# Amazon
# eBay
# Wikipedia
# Dictionary/Thesaurus

Windows Mobile Professional 6 (touch screen capable)
NOTE: Windows Mobile Professional 5 has been reported to work as well
Windows Mobile .Net framework 2.0
Data connection (Wifi will work also)
Screen Resolution of 320×240 (recommended)

Google2GO! screenshot

Google2GO! screenshot

Google2GO! screenshot

Google2GO! screenshot

Download Google2GO!

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  1. I want to watch free movies on my mobile LG Shine how can I do that?


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