Saturday, February 2, 2008

Buy ink cartridges from Carrot Ink at affordable prices

Printers are becoming real cheap these days, but strangely ink cartridges are not. You can buy a printer for as low as $50 but ink cartridges for the same printer will cost you about $60. That's ridiculously high. No wonder people resort to refilling their ink cartridges. But there are better alternatives.

Carrot Ink is one place where you can buy ink cartridges for real cheap. They sell both Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) ink cartridge as well as remanufactured and even refilled cartridges. Remanufactured ink cartridges are those that has been recycled. No, it's not same as refilled cartridges. In the remanufacturing process an ink cartridge is physically taken apart and each part is checked and cleaned and any parts that has become useless or worn out are replaced. In some cases a remanufactured ink cartridge can give you a much better quality than what the original manufacturer had sold to you. Besides, the remanufacturing process can be done several times.

Carrot Ink manufactures their own ink which give the same yield and quality as manufacturer's cartridges do, according to them. Frankly, most third party ink manufacturers like Carrot Ink develop ink that is in par with those manufactured by the original manufacturer and it comes at a much cheaper price. Even OEM ink cartridges like HP ink cartridges that are manufactured by HP, are sold on Carrot Ink several bucks cheaper than what you would have to pay if you buy the same cartridge directly from HP. Take for instance, the hp c6656an cartridge which cost $24 is available from Carrot Ink at $19.95. The same cartridge is available at even lesser at $15.95 if you buy a remanufactured one, which is as good as OEM.

On Carrot Ink you can buy ink cartridges that supports printers of almost all major manufacturers like HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark etc. Products are shipped on the same day of placing order and for purchases above $50, shipping is free. The only downside is they ship only in the US. Carrot Ink was the recipient of’s Circle of Excellence Platinum Award for exceptional performance in online retailing during the 2001, 2002, and 2003 holiday shopping seasons. So that should be some assurance.


  1. The price of HP ink cartridges have recently fell quite a lot. Make enquires at a HP shop before you make a purchase.

  2. I almost exclusively use HP printers and have used Carrot Ink in the past. I have probably tried a dozen different online stores and discount ink dealers. Carrot Ink certainly ranks up there.

    I have also found recently good deals even in places like Staples, depending on the model # and package deal available. I got a XL multipack for my Photosmart recently that was a good deal. It's been a few years since I last ordered from Carrot, but they were great back then. Might try them out again the next time.


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