Friday, February 15, 2008

Run web applications directly on your desktop with Prism

Prism is a new project out of the Mozilla Labs that brings a novel idea to running web applications. Prism allows you to strip your favorite web application out of your browser and let them run as a separate application on your desktop. Which means you can run Gmail, Facebook, Flickr and just about any web application or website right on your desktop in their own window. These web application functions as any desktop applications: you can add them to the start menu and access them with your mouse, Control-Tab or Alt-Tab. You can still run them on your browser if you like.


Web application on the Start Menu

google calender

Google Calender running as a desktop application

Prism is built on Firefox, so it supports rich internet technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Web developers don’t have to target it separately, because any application that can run in a modern standards-compliant web browser can run in Prism. Converting websites into desktop application is easy through the Install Web Application dialog.

prism screenshot

Right now Prism works only with Windows. Builds for Mac and Linux is coming soon.
Download Prism for Windows

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  1. Kaushik
    Excellent article.
    The whole day today I been browsing for premium and free software which can convert websites into standalone EXEs.
    Nowhere I came through any info about Prism.
    In your site I also got to know about Mango (can't eat it right? :) )
    Thanks for the write-ups.


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