Sunday, February 24, 2008

Track all your browsing history at one place with hooeey

hooeey is a web application that acts like a history manager, bookmarking and a search engine, all at one place. hooeey helps you to keep track of all previously browsed pages so that if you want to locate pages that you had previously visited but don't recall the address, you can do so quickly without wasting time. This is different from the local cache that every browser maintains on your hard disk. Since hooeey saves the browsing history online, it's independent of the PC from where you are browsing and your browsed pages can be accessed from any PC at any place.

hooeey is targeted at internet users who want to keep a track of their history without duplicating effort. It also provides a safe and universal platform for the entire browsing experience and saves time by keeping a tab on the browsing history from any computer. hooeey delinks the browser history from the browser. Additionally, hooeey adds a social networking layer, allowing one to share specific sites with others, both on the hooeey network, and other social bookmarking services.

hooeey is launched by Rajeev Purnaiya, who is the principal founder of CyberBazaar, India's first conferencing company. hooeey is his second online venture and is quite an innovative one. hooeey allows the user to re-use their browsing history in a productive manner–to reduce time spent in searching for previously visited web pages, to easily share interesting web pages with others and to use the provided dashboard to manage their browsing time more efficiently.

hooeey screenshot

hooeey screenshot

Record browsing history

hooeey screenshot

View and manage

For hooeey to work users have to download a toolbar that records their browsing history. The users can choose to turn off recording at any time by just a click. Users can also edit their browsing history and choose to keep or delete files as they wish. Currently hooeey supports Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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