Sunday, March 16, 2008

360desktop - The 360-degree panoramic desktop

360desktop is new concept that aims to revolutionize the computer desktop as we know it. The desktop provides a very limited space to work upon, despite the fact that today's computers are designed for extensive multitasking. The concept of multiple desktop is there but it is not very useful since we have to completely switch from one desktop to the other. 360desktop is different. It brings an entirely new concept which they call the Desktop 2.0.

360 desktop

360desktop converts your standard desktop into a 360-degree borderless desktop. Your desktop is not limited to the size of your monitor, but it extends all the way round in a 360 degree circle. To move through the desktop just move your mouse and the desktop will move along with you. Just like you scroll up or down a webpage, you can scroll left or right with 360desktop. The width of the desktop becomes unlimited. What about your wallpaper? 360desktop promises to give you 360-degree panoramic view wallpapers on their site when the product is finally launched (it's still in beta stage). You can also stitch multiple photos to create you won background using their software.

Apart from the never ending desktop, 360desktop incorporates a number of features into it. It supports widgets and RSS feeds or any part of any web pages that can be added directly into the application and thus into the desktop. This sounds like 360desktop will be able to browse web pages too. Looks promising. Let's wait for it's launch.

In the meantime, you can sign-up with the beta program.


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