Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Add power boosters to Opera with Opera Handy Menu

There is only one word to describe Opera Handy Menu - "Awesome". Opera Handy Menu adds a plethora of features to Opera which already has quite a handful of it. Once you install it you will find Opera's menus overflowing with options, settings and features. Let's take a look at some of the best features you get with Opera Handy Menu.

- A powerful Page Options menu includes several handy functions: close/arrange tabs, a Encoding menu, a Style menu, a Site Navigation menu, Open Page's Archive, Go to Parent Directory, Use "BugMeNot" to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration, View "Google PageRank" of any website, Go to Similar Page powered by Google.

Opera Handy Menu

- You can load/reload all the images or tabs through Reload menu

Opera Handy Menu

- Aside from the Opera's built-in zoom function, you can view web pages in different sizes like 800x600, 1024x768 etc
- It is easy to change icon size, just use the Change Icon Size menu under View - Skin menu
- Right click a link/page to open its archive using the WayBack Machine powered by Internet Archive

Opera Handy Menu

- Use fully functional "vB/BB/UBB Code", smileys etc easily while posting in a forum

Opera Handy Menu

- Edit the selected text/Notes directly in your "Notepad"
- You can hide the whole Menu Bar through View - Toolbars - Menu Bar and access it through the pop-up menu
- Launch 3rd-party software or even control your system within Opera (Handy Menu with My Apps, you can customize it yourself)

Opera Handy Menu

- Change the "Block Pop-ups" option directly in the trash can in the top-right corner
- Tools for developers: DOM Snapshot and Developer
- Right-click a mailto link to compose mail in Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo

Opera Handy Menu

- Merge several notes into one note
- Detach a tab to make it in a new window

And many more ...

This is a must have for all Opera users.  Install Opera Handy Menu


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