Monday, March 10, 2008

Customize Windows XP's common task folder panel with FindeXer

The common task panel in Windows XP is the panel on the left hand side of Windows explorer. It displays some common tasks like Create New Folder, Share Folder, Print Picture, and shortcuts to My Computer, My Documents etc. The common task pane is considerably helpful. It would have been more if it was customizable. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't allow it. So what we will do is replace common task with a customizable and a better panel with FindeXer.

FindeXer can hold shortcuts to just about anything you have on your computer - files, directories as well as special places such as "My Computer" "Control Panel" etc.

Customizing FindeXer's is a matter of drag and drop. To add an item, simply drag it into the bar. To remove an item, simply drag it out. If you'd like to change the Image or the Text displayed for an item, simply Right-Click on that item and choose to Edit it.

folder common task FindeXer

Compare: Common task on left and FindeXer on right

Some key features of "FindeXer" include:

· Shortcut Drag&Drop - Drag in to add Drag out to remove, Drag around to change location and order.
· Customize Item Link, Image and Text easily through a dialog.
· Separator addition and deletion through a highly accessible Right-click Menu.
· Customizable Colors for every element in the Bar - Item Text, Background, Hot-Tracking and Separator.
· Colors may be reset to the default ones defined by the Windows Theme currently used.
· Customizable Title Bar and Frame, you will need to Close and Reopen Explorer if you have changed the TitleBar's Caption.
· You may choose between a Hot-Tracking and No Hot-Tracking Modes.
· Customizable Item Appearance - with 3 Modes : Text Only, Image Only and Both.
· Vista Style Item resizing - using a slider control.
· Customizable Item Fonts.
· Separator Line Style can be chosen from the 5 styles available, Including - Solid, Dashed, Dotted, Dashes-Dotted and Dashed-Double dotted.
· Customizable Separator Thickness and Width - also using a simple slider control.

FindeXer requires Microsoft’s latest C Runtime Libraries to run. Please read the instructions on how to install it.


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