Friday, March 21, 2008

Get notified of new emails using ePrompter

Email notification tools are small applications that run on your desktop, usually runs background, and alerts you whenever you receive a new email. Email notification tools are extremely handy for it doesn't matter which email client you are using or whether you are using any at all. Email notification tools run independent of your email client. And if you don't use any email client then you will find it even more useful.

ePrompter is an email notification program that automatically and simultaneously checks and retrieves your email messages from up to sixteen password protected email accounts such as AIM, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Yahoo Beta, Earthlink, Excite, Juno, Lycos,, Mindspring, MSN, MSN Live Mail, MyWay, Netscape, POP3, Rediffmail, SBC Yahoo, and hundreds of other email domains.

The best thing about this tool is that it doesn't use POP to retrieve mails from the inbox, rather it uses the web interface. So it can be used with even those email accounts that doesn't have POP access. No more messy POP3 or IMAP settings. You don't have to figure out what the mail server address is or what port they use. Just create an account, choose the provider and you are ready to go.

Once new messages have been retrieved, the ePrompter email notification program notifies you which accounts have new messages and how many new messages you have in each account by The notification features include a unique rotating tray icon, the main ePrompter screen, audio alerts for new messages, and a choice of five unique screensavers that let you know at a glance the number of new messages in each account. And with a simple click on the account of your choice, you can read, delete or respond to any of your messages.

ePrompter screenshot

ePrompter gives you the ability to delete unwanted spam or suspicious looking mail - the kind that might contain viruses - without having to launch your email program or go to your web mail's site.

ePrompter also lets you compose and send original messages, as well as forward or reply to your retrieved messages, again without having to launch your email program. ePrompter also features an address book.

ePrompter is the best email notification tool I have ever used.


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