Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to schedule emails to be sent later automatically

LetterMeLater provides an exciting service. It allows you to schedule your emails to be sent out at a date and time in the future. This is that kind of feature no email service provider gives you, and you don't even feel the need for it until you start using it. Then all of a sudden it becomes indispensable and you wonder why it is missing from your email service. Indeed, scheduling email for future delivery is extremely useful.

Registering an account for LetterMeLater won't force you to abandon your existing email accounts. That's the beauty of this service. You can write emails with your existing email address, and they will get sent at the exact date, or dates that you specify - down to the minute.

The process works like this:

- You register an account with LetterMeLater.
- Write your mail and type in the recipient's address, as usual.
- Set the date and time you want the mail to be sent.
- Then you provide a return address to this mail, which will be your existing email address. When the recipient replies to your mail, it will be sent to this return address and not to your LetterMeLater account.

There is an even easier process, which doesn't require you to login to your LetterMeLater account at all. You can send scheduled emails from directly within your existing email accounts.

This process works like this:

- Login to your own email account (gmail, hotmail etc) that you used when you registered with LetterMeLater
- Now in the "To" filed type That is, address your mail to this address.
- Write the Subject of the mail as usual.
- In the body, type:

to: [recipient's address - comma or semicolon delimited]
cc: [recipient's address - comma or semicolon delimited]
bcc: [recipient's address - comma or semicolon delimited]
when: [date(s) to send - semicolon delimited for recurring emails]
options: [any or all of: html, share, reminder, hidden]

- Now type your letter.

For example:


Then you will receive a response immediately, indicating whether is was done successfully or not, like this.


LetterMeLater supports attachments and HTML emails too. And oh yes, it's free!
This is an amazing service. I just love it. Now I can make scheduled post on my blog. Great!

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