Thursday, March 6, 2008

Joe's Goals - The online habit tracker

Joe's Goals

Joe's Goals is a simple and funny, yet excellent tool to keep track of your goals and habit. The interface consist of a grid with the seven days of the week on one side and your goals on the other. The goals can be positive like exercise, read more, drink water etc. There are also negative goals that you may want to avoid like eating out, drinking etc. For every positive goal achieved you get a green checkmark, and for every negative goal you get a red checkmark. At the end of the day your points are tallied and you get a daily score. The objective is to improve your score as much as you can. You can add as many goals you want. There is also provision to share your score with others; inspire others with what you have achieved and get inspired from others achievement. By turning your daily goals into some sort of a game, Joe's Goals can actually help you to get more control on your life. A great online tool.


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