Sunday, March 23, 2008

Make Linux look like Windows XP

This is a theme for migrating Linux users who feel they are more comfortable with the Windows interface. LXP is a project that provides Linux/Unix users with a desktop that has a Microsoft Windows XP "look & feel" that is nearly identical to the real thing.

The LXP project has achieved this by collecting and modifying different pieces of the Open Source GNU software such as icewm, idesk, xfe, and others.

The LXP theme has been tested on the following distributions:
Fedora Core 3, 4, 5 and 6
Open Suse 10.1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
Ubuntu 6.06, 6.10
Xubuntu 6.06, 6.10
Kubuntu 6.06, 6.10
Debian Testing (Etch)

lxp screenshot

lxp screenshot

Download and installation instructions


  1. ah technically talented people could u all help me out i got da theme frm defferent sites for my boring xp and problem is it's not working !!!!!!

  2. Stupid software for stupid Windows user?

  3. Oh I don't know.....It's not a bad way to begin the painful process of dragging end users into the Linux world and not paying Microsoft licenses. Although I certainly appreciate the sentiment, the MS market share is just too big not to convert using salami tactics.....piece by piece.

  4. Windows users may hate windows as I do. I'm sick of it. I am learning Mint 12. But no matter how good an OS is, if the user can't figure out how to operate it, it is no good to him/her.
    I believe that some things need to be more "automatic." Example. I downloaded a Linux video driver. I put it on the desktop and could do nothing with it. Double clicked it, nothing.
    I don't know enough yet to do it in Terminal. I don't think I will ever know as much about Terminal commands as I do DOS commands. I learned on DOS, before there even WAS windows.
    Then came windows and as it developed, no more dos prompt was needed. Don't get me wrong, I would go to DOS (or now it's CMD) for certain things. But now, almost never.
    I run MSCONFIG and IPCONFIG, more than anything else. I am very good with windows but since I installed Mint 12 a week ago, I haven't needed windows (XP) for anything.
    I'm sure there are Users that would use Linux if they just knew how.
    The easier it is to use (For a Windows User) the easier it will be to get them to use LINUX ! And Mint 12 ROCKS ! ! !

  5. The Luna theme has been converted to GTK3 and now works properly on the MATE and GNOME2 desktop environments. The older version of the Windows XP Theme had some glitches in the latest version of Ubuntu running MATE 1.6. However, those issues have been fixed with the conversion.

    The updated theme can be downloaded here (this version also contains an installer):


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