Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Play music and get live lyrics with AlSong MP3 Player

ALSong is an MP3 player that combines music and lyrics together into one handy application. ALSong fetches lyrics from a huge online database and plays back the song lyrics synchronized to the music, with the currently playing line highlighted for you.

There are lots of lyrics already in the system, and often ALSong can automatically recognize your music and link it to the right song lyrics. But if ALSong doesn't automatically recognize your music, you can search the massive ALSong Song Lyrics Server database and connect your music with its lyrics. The Lyrics window is extremely customizable, up to the font type, size, color and justification. The Lyrics window is adjustable so that you can view only a few lines, or an entire song at once.


You can collapse the ALSong Lyrics window into mini-mode


Or, even minimize the application and still view the lyrics in an attractive and compact popup above the taskbar.


The Lyrics window can also be set to display "always on top" of other windows and it's transparency adjusted.

# ALSong supports all major and minor music file formats
# It has a built in web radio that can play streaming online music
# It allows you to edit ID3 tags and also supports batch editing
# It's skinnable.
# It's free.

ALSong looks pretty much like Winamp, so for Winamp users it wouldn't be much difficult to shift.

Download ALSong


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