Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Transform your USB drive into a portable PC with MojoPac

MojoPac is a free software virtualization product that transforms your iPod, USB Hard Drive, Flash drive, USB-enabled cell phones and USB-enabled digital cameras, into a portable computing environment. Just install MojoPac on any USB 2.0 compliant storage device, upload your applications and files, modify your user settings and environment preferences, and take it with you everywhere.

Every time you plug your MojoPac-enabled device into any Windows XP PC , MojoPac automatically launches your environment on the host PC. Your communications, music, games, applications, and files are all local and accessible. And when you unplug the MojoPac device, no trace is left behind – your information is not cached on the host PC.

MojoPac acreenshot

The first time you run MojoPac from the USB drive it will ask you to create a user account and secure it with a password. After that you can transfer data and settings from the PC to the USB drive. You can also migrate bookmarks, history, and settings for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. MojoPac has it's own desktop icons, start menu, Internet Explorer, My Documents folder etc. The drives of the host PC, removable drives and DVD drives, printers etc all can be accessed from within MojoPac's environment. On the top of the screen is the MojoBar that quickly allows you to switch between MojoPac and the host operating system. 

Additionally you can install your favorite applications and games into the USB stick. All applications you install inside the MojoPac's interface stays and runs inside it's own system and never leaves any trace or litter the host PC.

Currently MojoPac is available in 3 versions: 

- MojoPac Freedom, which is FREE
- MojoPac Deluxe costs $49.99 and provides standard MojoPac portability and mobility, along with advanced features, enhanced configurability and includes product support.
- MojoPac Enterprise Suite if you intend to use MojoPac commercially

Download MojoPac Freedom


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