Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 more useful Opera tricks that you are probably unaware of

Picking up from where I left in my earlier post 5 Opera tricks you did not know about, here is another 5 extremely useful tricks for better and faster browsing with Opera.

1. Open links in a new tab:

The usual procedure to open links in a new tab is right clicking on a link and then selecting "Open in new tab" or "Open in background tab". Now here is the shortcut. Press SHIFT while clicking on a link to open in a new tab and SHIFT+CTRL to open in a background tab. This works for the context menu options as well. For example, highlight a word, right click on it and then click Search while pressing SHIFT will open the search page in an new tab. Similarly, pressing SHIFT+CTRL will open the search page in a background tab. The same thing happens with "Go to URL" option.

2. Alternate shortcut for PageUP/PageDown

If you are right-handed then you are holding the mouse with your right hand while your left hand is near or on the keyboard. So keyboard shortcuts which are nearer to the left hand are easier to execute than shortcuts which are towards the right. This is the reason why some games have WASD key combination for movement and the mouse for attack. In Opera, to scroll up a page instead of using PageUP press SHIFT+SPACEBAR. To scroll down press SPACEBAR.

3. CTRL+Mouse Wheel to Zoom

The shortcuts for zooming pages is the Numpad+ and Numpad-. For the same reason stated above these keys are difficult to reach. Instead, press the CTRL key and use the mouse scroll wheel to quickly zoom pages in and out.

4. CTRL+Click to save an image

Want to save an image? Press CTRL while clicking on an image to open the Save as box. Give a name and hit Enter.

5. CTRL+Spacebar to open homepage

If you’ve set a homepage in Opera, you can open it quickly by pressing Press CTRL+Spacebar.

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  1. Or you can use mouse gestures (, voice commands (, etc etc :)


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