Monday, April 7, 2008

7 cool softwares from Microsoft you probably never heard of

Microsoft is known for its big products - Windows, Office, Visual Studio and the like, while it's smaller products receive little attention. There are hundreds of tools on Microsoft's website, but that is probably the last place on earth you would go looking for softwares. But I did a few days ago and discovered several useful utilities. Some of these softwares are well known so I won't be mentioning those. It's only the lesser known ones that I bring here today.

Virtual Earth1. Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) adds realistic 3D capabilities to your online Live Search Maps. It's like a combination of Google Earth and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, allowing you to fly over a 3D generated map of the cities below. Not all cities are available in 3D though, in which case you will have to switch to the usual 2D view.

Microsoft Location Finder2. Microsoft Location Finder is a client-side application that turns a regular WiFi enabled laptop, Tablet or PC into a location determining device without the addition of any separate hardware. When launched by a user, Microsoft Location Finder uses WiFi access points - or reverse IP lookup when WiFi is not available - to center and display the person's location on an MSN Virtual Earth map, enabling the user to quickly and easily search in their present location.

XML NotePad3. Microsoft XML NotePad 2007 assists developers in creating XML applications. It allows authors to rapidly build and edit small sets of XML data as a test bed during the development of XML-based applications. With XML Notepad, you can create XML document prototypes quickly, easily, and in an iterative fashion, using familiar metaphors. XML Notepad offers an intuitive and simple user interface that graphically represents the tree structure of XML data. Working with the standard building blocks of XML (Elements, Attributes and Text), authors are able to create reproducible data structures that can be easily filled. It also includes XMLDiff to visually compare the differences between 2 two XML files.

SharedView4. Microsoft SharedView is a remote desktop and internet collaboration application for screen sharing, group chats and sharing documents with multiple people in real time. Microsoft SharedView allows connecting with up to 15 people in different locations. Users can be invited to join a session by email or IM. They are able to communicate with each other by being able to view each other's screens and control them. Also, handouts, or files, can be broadcasted by one to all users. Creation of a session is done with Windows Live ID. SharedView also provides integration into Microsoft Office applications and Windows Live Messenger.

Photo Story5. Microsoft Photo Story 3 is a tool that is designed to take existing photos or images and then enable you to add a title, background music, narration and then export them to a format that you can easily email to another user, show from your desktop or allow playback from a portable device. Create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures. Add stunning special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories. Then, personalize them with titles and captions. Watch them on your TV, a computer, or a Windows Mobile–based portable device.

Microsoft TimeZone6. Microsoft TimeZone runs in the system tray and allows you to easily view the date and time in various locations around the world. You can also quickly and easily add your own personal locations to customize Microsoft Time Zone the way you want.

Network Monitor
7. Microsoft Network Monitor is a network protocol analyzer that allows capturing and protocol analysis of network traffic.

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