Friday, April 11, 2008

FeedDemon is the best feed reader I have used

Three months ago when NewsGator made FeedDemon free, I was using Opera's built in feed reader. I didn't make a switch because I liked the way it was, everything in one application - browser, mails and feeds. But then, having everything in one application isn't such a great idea. Opera started to become bloated and it would freeze for a few seconds every time it updated the feeds. I decided that I needed a separate feed reader.

I had previously tried a number of free feed readers but liked none. This time I picked up FeedDemon and I fell in love with it immediately.

Adding feeds to FeedDemon is so easy. Copy the feed URL and click New Subscription. It automatically recognizes the URL in the clip board and adds it to feed address box. Click Next to complete the process. You have the option of configuring the feed properties before it starts retrieving the feeds the first time or you can do it later. FeedDemon's main window has two panels - the left side contains the list of your subscription and the right side, called the newspaper UI, displays the actual feeds. The feeds can be sorted according to date or title or according to groups which you can assign. You can also choose to view the full post if it's available or the summaries of the feeds or only the headlines. FeedDemon can be configured to open pages in your default browser which means you don't have to abandon your favourite browser. Clicking in a link opens the website in a new tab in your browser. You can even set the tabs to be opened in the background so that they don't pop-up in front of your eyes.


FeedDemon is such a powerful feed reader. It has a feature called Watches. You specify some keywords that you are interested in say for example firefox. FeedDemon will start watching for the term "firefox". Any news article that contain your watched terms will be moved under a special category Watches (on the right hand side).

Managing your feeds is made very easy with FeedDemon. There is a Clean-up Wizard using which you can remove feeds that are old by a certain number of days or hasn't updated for a long time. Then there is what is called a Panic button. The "Panic Button" detects when you have a ton of unread items and offers to mark them (or a subset of them) as read. You can email an article, submit to Digg and delicious or blog it in your own blog directly from FeedDemon. To make a long story short, FeedDemon isn't just a good feed reader, it's great!


  1. it has some RSS feeds updating problems !

  2. FeedDemon stored feed's content as a lot of html file, when your system crash it will make a ton of garbage files. And other problem that is not support Unicode complete in name of folder or Clipping.
    Try Greatnews also it still have some problem about that's features


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