Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Firefox extension Googlepedia - Wikipedia reference with Google search

Googlepedia is an extension for Firefox that combines both Google and Wikipedia into one. It integrates Wikipedia results directly into Google so when you search on Google, apart from displaying the Google's search results it displays the entire Wikipedia page on the searched term right on your screen to the right of the Google search results. So basically what you are doing is searching both on Google and Wikipedia at the same time which is very useful considering how resourceful both of them are.

The extension converts internal Wikipedia links into Google search links so that you remain inside Google even though you click on Wikipedia links which is again very smart in my opinion because it doesn't hijack you from Google into Wikipedia. Clicking links in the article will trigger new Google searches, making it a very useful research tool



* Turns internal Wikipedia links into Google search links
* Uses Google's I'm Feeling Lucky feature to find relevant articles
* Links images directly to their full-sized versions
* Removes Google AdWords
* Can be expanded to take the full width of the page. Note that Googlepedia works best on a large or widescreen monitor.
* Uses your local language Wikipedia based on the Google language
* Hide button to disable Googlepedia


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