Saturday, April 12, 2008

Forget Skype. Use Gizmo5

Gizmo5, formerly known as the Gizmo Project, is a VoIP application which is built using an open standard called SIP. The current version of Gizmo5 ( is officially the first release of the application. All versions prior to the current were released as beta. Internet Telephony is nothing new and there are millions of people who are already using Skype, the largest VoIP provider in the world. As a matter of fact, even the Gizmo Project is around 3 years old. So what new does Gizmo has to offer? A lot.

skype vs gizmo5

Gizmo5 has many features which are lacking in other VoIP application and particularly Skype, even though it's the most popular VoIP software. One notable feature of Gizmo5 is the interoperability with other services because of their use of open standards for call management - the SIP and Jabber. On top of that, Gizmo is a lot cheaper than Skype and offers some features for free which otherwise cost money with Skype, free Voice mail for instance. Here is a comparison of features and their prices offered by Skype and Gizmo5.

# Skype to Skype calls, file transfer, call conferencing, video calling - Free
Gizmo5 to Gizmo5 calls, file transfer, call conferencing, video calling - Free

# Skype supports only Skype to Skype instant messaging.
With Gizmo5 you can chat with your AIM, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, iChat and Google Talk buddies directly from Gizmo5. Gizmo5 also has chat history that allows you to save all your past IM conversations.

# Voicemail in Skype costs $6 for 3 months or $20 for a full year.
Voicemail in Gizmo5 is free.

# You can record your calls with Gizmo5.
Skype has no such feature although third party tools exist which can record your Skype calls.

# Gizmo5 rates are a lot cheaper than Skype rates. For example, you can make a call from the U.S to India on a landline at 14.6 cents/min with Gizmo5 compared to 17.7 cents/min with Skype, which is about 17% cheaper. A call to the U.K on a cell phone costs 21 cents/min with Gizmo5 while with Skype it costs 29 cents/min which is again about 27% cheaper. Call to other countries similarly cost less with Gizmo5. Besides, when you buy Call Out for Gizmo5 it stays on your account until you use it, unlike Skype that has a validity period within which you have to use it otherwise it expires. Gizmo5 users also get 20 minutes of free calling if they can refer one person to download and use Gizmo5!

# Like Skype, Gizmo5 allows you to receive calls from any landline or cell phone from anywhere in the world (currently only about 30 countries are supported). While the rates for Skype are $18 for 3 months or $60 for a year, Gizmo5's rate starts at just $3 per month.

There is no doubt, Gizmo5's has the potential to be a serious threat to Skype. The only thing that needs to be done now is to promote their product aggressively and increase their user base quickly if they want to give Skype a run for their money.


  1. 17c and 14c per minuteto India is a ripoff if you consider that we (most Indians) use a service called relianceindiacall for 7.9c and this is not VOIP - I can use my landline or mobile to make the calls!

  2. And 21c to UK ....either this author is misinformed or he is obfuscating. Skype charges 2.1c/min please check out the Skype website before you make comparisons!

  3. @zeelog:

    You failed to notice the word "cell phone". Skype charges 2.1c/min for landlines and 29 cents to cell phones.

  4. @1st anonymous:

    yeah I'm aware about relianceindiacall, but I'm comparing Skype with Gizmo5 here. Besides, relianceindiacall is only for India.

  5. I came to this page because I just bought my Nokia N800. I have been reading on skype and then I remembered Gizmo. So here we are. Thanks for providing this information. It helped me make up my mind. I am going to save money big time.

    Cappy in Las Vegas

  6. This is out dated... looks like skype, changed their rates looks much cheaper now.
    Let's take India example $ 0.106 Skype price Gizmo price is $ 0.193 ... I've checked most rates and Gizmo really... hope that Gizmo will change their rates to at least skype prices.

  7. Skype now offers Unlimited plans within the USA: $2.95 a month or $29.95 for 12 months (other plans exist for Mexico and International). That includes VOICEMAIL and unlimited calling. So, this post is a little bit outdated. Plus, Gizmo5 seems a little bit klugy in comparison to Skype. In addition, there are some nice standalone phone systems for Skype that give you notice of voicemail and caller ID. Can Gizmo5 confirm that they offer the same at this time? SIP is exciting and we'll see more from this in the future. Competition is good; Skype just started offering lower rates.

  8. I have a phone number in the Caribean with Skype and my people can call me absolutely free. It doesn't cost them a penny and it only cost me $29.95 a year to maintain the Skype number. Can Gizmo5 bit that?

  9. One nice thing about Gizmo is that if you buy a grandstream handytone 286 or similar device you can plug in ANY phone to the router or switch and you have a free phone line. My understanding is that you have to buy a special phone for Skype (higher price than handytone device). Someone said that Skype is like an island...a very big island...but an island. Whereas Gizmo plays well with everyone.

  10. Yeah, I see how serious Gizmo5 is, it has Yugoslavia in their list, country that doesn't exist for 6 years... I would like to use services of someone who at least looks more professional, Skype!

  11. @ Anonymous, you must be blind, or just biased. Because Yugoslavia isn't listed, however Serbia and Montenegro are. Cuntwit.

  12. "@ Anonymous, you must be blind, or just biased. Because Yugoslavia isn't listed, however Serbia and Montenegro are. Cuntwit."

    Bravo! You must think that you are the smartest person in the world but you sound like the stupidest one! You must be American!
    Go to this link and you will see that they have Yugoslavia in drop down menu
    And than go to this link and you will see that they have Serbia and Montenegro listed. SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO ALSO DOESN'T EXIST FOR YEARS!!! They are separated countries now! They were called Yugoslavia, than renamed in Serbia and Montenegro and than splitted. Years ago!

  13. The section on Gizmo CallOut not expiring is incorrect. They expire the credits after 365 days if you don't make another purchase.

  14. The message from communicationsltd is SCAM please do not answer because they will just take your money!!!!


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