Friday, April 18, 2008

Get email alerts at price drop. Buy cheap.

You find a product that you like at a shopping site but the price is high. You want to buy it but at a lesser price. So what you do is bookmark the page and check on it every couple of days to see whether the prices has dropped. Now you can automate this entire process by using a free service called Price!pinx.

Price!pinx is an easy and convenient solution that monitors any product on almost any website for you and then notify you through email when the price for that product drops. The process works this way:

First you setup a bookmarklet on your browser, the same way you bookmark a page. The next time you see a product you simply highlight the price and click the Price!pinx bookmarklet. This takes you to where it quickly and automatically record the product and the price. From there on it starts to monitor the price for you and you don't have to worry about it anymore. If the price changes, Price!pinx send you a price drop email notification and you can then choose to buy the product. Simple.


Setup the bookmarklet


You found a product. Highlight the price and click the !pinx bookmarklet


Price!pinx records your !pinx and alerts you when price drops

Price!pinx main page itself is quite informative. It has a list of the most recent price drops of products people have bookmarked using Price!pinx. The list is a handy guide for shoppers looking for a bargain. Right now I can see that the price of Seagate 1 TB hard disk has dropped from $289.99 to $269.99 at, and Apple 80 GB iPod has dropped from $239 to $215. Anyone planning to buy those? This is probably the right time.

There is another list of products that Price!pinx is currently monitoring for price drop. Here is somebody waiting for the price of Call of Duty 4 to drop at Amazon and some lady is dying to wear a SUPER Platform High Heel Shoe but can't afford to buy it at $65.

Are you watching the price of some products too?


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