Monday, April 14, 2008

GPS Tracking Key - The coolest portable GPS tracker

The Global Positioning System or GPS is a constellation of 24 medium earth orbit satellites that transmit a constant and precise microwave signal which enables a GPS tracking unit to determine the precise location, speed and direction of a vehicle or a person the GPS tracker is attached to. GPS tracking systems are used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from guiding missiles and rockets to studying plate tectonics. A more common and simpler application is vehicle tracking.

GPS Tracking KeyLandAirSea Systems Inc, a manufacturer of GPS tracking systems, has been producing multiple types of GPS tracking equipment since 1994, and the coolest among them is the GPS Tracking Key. GPS Tracking Key is a small, light weight, pocket sized GPS tracking device measuring less than 4 inches in length and small enough to conceal in your palm, something right out of a James Bond movie. At first glance, the GPS Tracking Key looks like a bulky USB pen drive. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and once the batteries are loaded it begins tracking. You can carry it in your pocket or attach it to a vehicle you want to spy upon with the help of a strong magnet mount that comes with the device. The device is water resistant so you can mount it anywhere, even underneath the vehicle. The GPS Tracking Key will continuously record the movement of the vehicle anywhere on earth with an accuracy of 2.5 meters. The device will go into a Sleep Mode when there is no movement for 2 minutes. When you want to view the data, just retrieve the device, plug it into your PC and download the data. The data that is logged are:

- Route Traveled
- Velocity
- Direction/Orientation
- Duration of device remains stationary

Another cool feature of the GPS Tracking Key is the compatibility with Google Earth. The tracking data can be viewed superimposed over Google Earth's high resolution map and the route traveled by the vehicle is beautifully displayed on top of a street map or satellite image. See the screenshots below.

tracking data tracking data

tracking data tracking data

Cool, isn't it?

Features in brief:

- Pocketsize design
- GPS tracking accuracy of 2.5 meters
- Can be placed in, on, or under the vehicle with strong magnet mounting
- Logs the driving speed, location, date, and time of every stop. Shows you the maximum speed driven for the day.
- Fast USB download. The tracking key plugs right into your computer.
- Data is compatible with the popular Google Earth.
- Software animates the vehicle driving over a digital street map.


- Dimension: 3.80" x 1.46" x 1.34"
- Power: 2 AAA batteries.
- Battery Life: About 28 hours. The battery life can be extended by decreasing the sampling rate which is set at once per second.
- Data output: USB
- Storage capacity: 100 hours
- Price: $229.00

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