Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lockup your secrets with LockNote

LockNote is a clever little portable application that password protects a single text file. It is a great way to protect you valuable information like credit card number, passwords, serial numbers etc. Launch LockNote and type your text. When you click on the close button it will prompt for a password. Type a password and your text gets locked with AES 256bit encryption no body can break. It is a hassle free way of safely keeping your private information. No hidden folders or any folder locking application. It is a stand alone password protected text file that you can place it on any folder and any hard drive. LockNote does not require installation so you can carry it in a USB drive with the text still protected. You can create as many LockNote files you want. One great feature of this tool is that you can drag an existing text file into the LockNote window and it will be encrypted automatically.


Looks like Notepad, isn't it?

Download LockNote


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