Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mac on a budget? Buy a used one.

You want to own a Mac but you can't afford it, so what do you do? The most obvious answer is of course, buy a used one. There is nothing wrong in owning a second hand Mac. People buy second hand stuff all the time. Ebay is the biggest example. Today I'm going to visit a site that looks like a nice place to buy a used mac.

mac logoDV Warehouse is a shopping website that specializes in used Apple products. Apart from Macs and Apple parts, DV Warehouse also has a large collection of products for digital video for broadcasting and editing and production work from Adobe, Avid, Newtek, Matrox and Pinnacle.

Heading to the Apple section, I found the products categorized into Power Mac G5, G4, G3, PowerBook, iMac, Mac Mini etc. I was disappointed not to find any Macs powered by Intel processors. It seems that the newer models are missing. The PowerPC powered Macs are however plenty as well as some older and discontinued models. In the iMac section I was surprised to find one G3 500 MHz model selling for $129. That's dirt cheap! Of course, 500 MHz would be damn slow but you are also getting 128 MB RAM, a 20 GB hard disk, a 15" display along with the usual accessories. The iMac G5 1.8Ghz, with 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard drive and 17" TFT monitor is selling at $599.00 which is quite a bargain. The PowerMac G5s are available from $699.00 onwards. If you are looking for older products then you can look at eMacs. The G4 1.0 GHz eMac with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB hard disk for $299 is a steal deal. In the laptop section, there is the PowerBook and the older and cheaper iBook. The Powerbook G4 1.33GHz 512 MB RAM and 60GB hard drive for $699 is a powerful traveling companion. For the ones on frugal budget there is the 800 MHz iBook for just $299. There are also used Apple parts in stock like battery, adapter, displays, hard drive memory etc.

All DV Warehouse's products comes with a 90 day warranty within which they offer to repair a hardware item if it is found to be faulty. Before you buy any product request a quote from their site and know the shipping charges. DV Warehouse usually ship from their warehouses in Los Angeles, California, so your shipping charges will vary depending upon your location. Once your product is shipped you will be provided a tracking number using which you can track the status of the delivery.

The downside of DV Warehouse is their unavailability of newer products like the Intel powered ones and the MacBooks, but that's the same problem with other sites selling second hand Apple computers. If you are looking for used Macs, I wouldn't advise you to stick with one site. Keep looking for what you want across several sites. However, DV Warehouse is a fairly good place to start looking for one.


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